BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastersmall cosmetic change to CMakeLists.txtDominic Radermacher7 days
v1.5commit e3c0073466...Dominic Radermacher14 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
7 dayssmall cosmetic change to CMakeLists.txtHEADmasterDominic Radermacher
2022-10-05cosmetic changes (some are overdue since many years)Dominic Radermacher
2022-09-11fix some compile warningsDominic Radermacher
2022-09-11change init to first invalidate, then init (maybe needed for some ptouch mode...Dominic Radermacher
2022-09-11media type info now also with text output, thanks to Sönke PetersDominic Radermacher
2022-04-05add debug outputDominic Radermacher
2021-10-11fix text centeringDominic Radermacher
2021-10-11add install targetDominic Radermacher
2021-10-11fix generation of version.hDominic Radermacher
2021-10-11merge with branch cmake - build system is now cmakev1.5Dominic Radermacher