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masteradd missing build dependency to make aur users happyDominic Radermacher2 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-11-14add missing build dependency to make aur users happyHEADmasterDominic Radermacher
2022-11-13also update .SRCINFODominic Radermacher
2022-11-13update to cmake build systemDominic Radermacher
2022-05-31update URLsDominic Radermacher
2021-03-27Update src and upstream URLDominic Radermacher
2020-05-04forgot to update .SRCINFO :-|Dominic Radermacher
2020-05-04fix install path (install to /usr/bin), update versionDominic Radermacher
2020-04-26update source url to correct subdir, fix version infoDominic Radermacher
2018-04-15updated source URL to new locationDominic Radermacher
2018-04-15add aarch64 as target arch, as we need this for Raspberry Pi 3Dominic Radermacher